Tips from students who studied in the USA

The seminar “Global UGRAD” was conducted by the “International Relations Club” of the Student Council, on the 23rd of October 2018.

The seminar aimed to share experience of students who have studied in the USA. Students of KTMU Bilimbek Baktybekov, Timur Bapiev and student of the IUCA Elnura Alinova shared with their experience. The finalists of the “GLOBAL UGRAD” programme explained how to prepare for the programme and gave an important information about structure of the essay.

Elnura Alinova who was amazed by the American education system, has told that: “Your essay which had your own experienced story and which can influence on people can increase your chances to pass the programme”.

Timur Bapiev who has got huge experience in the USA, told that “If you pass the first tour, and you when you will be invited to the interview, don’t be too serious, be yourself and speak freely.  In interview, it is better to complete and continue your ideas which you wrote on the essay”.

Bilimbek Baktybekov informed that passing the programme and the studying in the USA demands huge effort.  In his inspiring speech he said: “Now I feel myself happy, when I’m recalling the days when I was studying in the USA. If you want to change something, if you want to start a new project, start it right now”. Seminar ended with questions and answers.

Recall that, “GLOBAL UGRAD” programme is an educational student’s programme which provides an opportunity to study in the USA.

Prepared by Akymbaev Altynbek

Translated by Timur Bapiev