“Best wishes call for the best things” Salatanat Samatova

On the 31st of March, the club “Insandyk Onuguu” held their next seminar. The guest of the event was the well-known Kyrgyz anchorwoman Saltanat Samatova, and she told about “Secrets of Success”.

At the seminar she stressed that with a hard work, tolerance and striving people can achieve their goals. Besides, she informed “When my parents gave me the name “Salatanat” which is translated as “ceremony” from Kyrgyz, the fate did the same thing leading me to the weddings, ceremonies. The name of a person means lots of things. Keep it in mind when naming your future children. Because, the name of a person have a great impact in making success in life.”

Along with that, she told about her experiences in life and called youth for getting knowledge while it is possible. Also, “Be away from negative thoughts. Always smile. Best wishes and thoughts call for the best things. Better life is in your hands”, with these motivating words she concluded the seminar. In the end of the seminar, with the request of most participants, she performed a song “Juroluchu jurok oorutpai”.

Reminding, last week there was a seminar with participation of the poet Idris Aitbaev.

Prepared by: Adinai Kurmanova

Translated by: Aikel Tashtanbaeva