Orientation Programs

As a result of great efforts, for the students from many different countries of the world and who won the right to get an education in our university, we shorten the duration for them in adapting to the university, city, and the country, socialize them with the students from other countries, help them with the difficulties they faced in the first days they arrived. In order to assist them in the registration process of the dormitory and university, our friends who employed by the Office of International Student Coordinator start to work 2 weeks earlier from the beginning of the academic year. Students who want to use our orientation program must send their arrival date, time and the airline company’s name to the mail address of our university at least 3 days prior of their arrival date. And, our friends in charge will meet them on the Manas Airport and will place them in the student resident of the campus.

Each year, the content of the program, which lasts approximately 3 weeks contains:

- Meeting the students at the airport

- Placing them in the student resident

- Assisting with the registration process of dormitory and university

- Completion of Health documents

- Assisting in personal needs

- Passport operations

- The campus tour, city tour, trip to the National Park Ala-Archa

- Chatting and dating party with the Rektor