On March 12, 2021, within the framework of the 25th-anniversary celebration events of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, Student Council Presidency and International Student Coordination have organized the Closing Ceremony of Uzbekistan Week as the continuation of the ‘Country Weeks’ series, which was coordinated by the Office of Student’s Affairs. This program was held via Google Meet where the Rector of our University, Vice-Rector, Heads of Departments, guests, and students have taken part in.

     In his opening speech, Vice-Rector of our University Prof. Dr. Anvarbek Mokeev mentioned, ‘Uzbekistan is an important country for us. It is an amazing coincidence that the Closing Ceremony has been held exactly while our President has been visiting Uzbekistan. The ‘Country Weeks’ sessions are progressing quite productively. Keep going!’

     Rector of the University, Prof. Dr. Alpaslan Ceylan expressed his gratitude and added, ‘As the entire Turkic world, Uzbekistan has a special place in our hearts. I know the geography of Uzbekistan very well. We are going to prepare some summer and winter gardens at our university, where students from neighboring countries can relax and talk to each other drinking tea.’

     During the program, our alumnus and singer in Kyrgyzstan, Aziz Batyrov made the ceremony much more vivid by singing the ‘Ala-Too Korkko Kelbeyt El Bolboso’ song. Afterward, there was an introductory presentation about Uzbekistan. Besides, parents of Uzbek students made their short speeches and emphasized they were proud of their children because of studying at Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University with a high-quality education. Apart from that, one of our students, Muhlisa Sadykova has performed the wonderful song ‘Nastarin’. Additionally, Malika Akbaralieva presented her own Kyrgyz poem dedicated to the 25th anniversary of our University. After all, our successful alumni of Manas University Bakyt Ismatov, Gulina Yusupova, and Umida Sulaimanova shared their feelings and thoughts about University's significant contribution to their lives. While studying at Manas University they were able to upgrade themselves in every field such as improving language skills, exchanging cultures, acquaintance with new friends, and so on. Additionally, the graduates pointed they have missed university life.

     At the end of the program, participants have taken souvenir photos and watched the marvelous Polka performance, which is a national Uzbek dance.

Prepared by: Muhammed Ramazan Kurtoglu

Translated by: Adina Rashidova