Rules for registrations in Dormitories: Those students, who were accepted by Dormitory Administration in order to get a room, need to prepare all required documents and bring them for final registration procedure. 

List of documents for final registration procedure:

1) A contract stating that he/she accepts the dormitory rules otherwise he/she will be loose the right to stay in a dormitory. 

2) A copy of identity card.

3)  A copy of Manas University student ID card (It will be taken from Department of Students Affair)

4)  4 Photoes 3x4 cm

5) A health report received from a health care institution and indicating that the student’s health condition is suitable to stay at the dormitory. Medical reports concerning Elise (AIDS) test, Hepatitis B test, Tuberculosis test, blood group test. (A health report at the same time can be taken from the medical center of our university)

Director of Dormitory:  Adil Aktash

Contact information: 

Chyngyz Aytmatov Campus, 720038, Jal, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Tel: +996 312 49 27 56-67 (1147)