1st National Festival of Kurut

On April 17, there was held a festival of Kurut for the first time at the Kyrgyz-Turkish University of “Manas”. According to the organizers, the festival was held with the aim of popularizing the traditions of national cuisine, introducing the features of Bishkek city to the guests and tourists. 

In the framework of festival there were organized folk-entertaining programs, food samples and the Kurut fair. The representatives of the Kyrgyzstan Cooks Association held  the master-classes on making kuruts, cooking shorpo and desserts.

The organizers of the festival were the High School of Tourism and Hospitalityof the university “Manas” with the support of the Republican Department of Tourism.

Reminding, Kurut is a fermented milk product of Central Asian people. For many years it is considered to be the most favorite delicacy.