Seminar Entitled “I Know Rules of the Road” Held for Schoolchildren

On October 5 of this year a seminar entitled “I Know Rules of the Road” was organized by ‘Manas +’ project at School-Gymnasium No. 95 in Bishkek, for 9 – 11th grades pupils.

The aforementioned seminar was conducted by the Car Maintenance and Repairs Programme teacher of the KTMU Vocational High School, Prof. Dr. Ulukbek Davliatov. During the seminar detailed information on basic notions concerning traffic rules and regulations was provided. At the same time rights and safety rules included in traffic rules and regulations were described. The children shared their views, and received answers to their questions.

During his speech Mr. Ulukbek Davliatov said: “Today to know and follow rules of the road means to save your own life. That is why it is highly important to gain a fuller understanding of this direction.”
Moreover, at the seminar a game of questions and answers on rules of the road was organized.

It should be noted that the seminar series was supported by University Administration and organized by Student and Alumni Coordination Center. The seminar series planned to organize throughout the education year. The next will be held at the aforementioned school by ‘Manas+’ project and ‘Personal Growth Club’ for 5 – 8th grades pupils.

Prepared by Adinai Kurmanova