Manas Debate Club Marks Its 15th Anniversary

On December 16-17 of this year the Manas-CUP Tournament was held at the national level, on the theme “Slave without a past”. Along with the tournament, the Manas Debate Club marked its 15th anniversary. The event had been organized by the Manas Debate Club.  

On the first day of the tournament the qualifying round took place, and teams were selected for the semi-final. The second day was dedicated to the semi-final and finals. The winners were determined the same day. At the end of the intense battle the first place was taken by Saatyna 1200 team,

whereas Master Oogway and His Beloved One team was ranked second. The Assembler team took third place. The winners were presented with the cup and gifts. 

Moreover, at the end of the tournament a video summarizing the 15th year of the Manas Debate Club was shown. It was followed by a concert program.

Prepared by Aksaamai Nazarbai kyzy

Translated by Bermet Kozhoshova