The Rector Holds an Evening of Conversation with the Students of the Faculty of Engineering

On March 22 the University Rector, Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Balci, and Vice-Rector, Prof. Dr. Asylbek Kulmyrzayev conducted an evening of conversation with the students of the Faculty of Engineering. The event was attended by the teaching staff and students of the Faculty of Engineering.

The event started with an introductory video to the university and a video of the project “Manastyn Syimyktary” (Pride of Manas). During the conversation the Rector spoke on the opportunities the Faculty of Engineering offers, human qualities necessary for success, and shared his experience. He noted: “It is students acquiring knowledge at Faculty of Engineering on whom high demands are going to be placed in the future. In the era of advanced technology specialists like you are not going to be left without a job”. He also added that in the rapidly changing world the knowledge students have been acquiring for five years would be enough for another five years.

To stop learning after one gets a diploma is not right. To learn for a lifetime is a requirement of today. The Vice-Rector, Prof. Dr. Asylbek Kulmyrzayev, spoke on changes in the world education system and its development, and advised to learn and explore new things independently. At the end of the meeting the students that attended it received answers to their questions.

The list of some of the questions given by students at the evening of conversation:

1. Student: Will there be more classes conducted in English?

Rector: At present some changes are being introduced. The five year curriculum is about to be modernized. The number of classes conducted in English might increase. However, it does not mean that the number of classes in Kyrgyz and Turkish is to be decreased.

2. Student: Is it allowed to stay in classes for studying after 6 p.m.?

Rector: If our students wish so, they can stay to study for as long as they want. However, according to the rule activities other than studying are not permitted. During exam weeks our libraries have been open for 24 hours a day for two years. Such changes are made based on monitoring conducted.

Prepared by Adinai Kurmanova

Translated by Bermet Kozhoshova