What qualities are needed to work in the UN?

On October 21st, the manager of Secretary on Peacebuilding Fund of the UN in the Kyrgyz Republic Ulan Shabynov and the “Sustainable Development” Programme Dimension Chief of UN Kumar Kylychev held a seminar on the topic “What qualities are required to work for the UN?” 

In the seminar they explained about the programs of UN, and about the terms of applications. The employees of the UN are usually hired by competition. The experience, the leader quality, and the excellent knowledge of English can increase the opportunity of the competitor to win. And, the students can take some information about the internship programs in UN, on the website kg.undp.org  so, they can apply for these programs on the appointed time.  

Besides, the guests shared with the students about their work experiences, and answered to their questions.

Reminding that, the UN was maintained on the 24th of October, 1945. And, Kyrgyzstan became a member of UN in 1992. The seminar was focused on the celebration program of anniversary of the UN’s establishment. 

Reporter: Adinay Kurmanova

Translator: Aikel Tashtanbaeva