The victory of “Oychuldar”

On April 18, the 10th season’s last 9th game was held by the intellectual club “Oylonshow”. This time topic of the game was “currency”.

The event was opened by the show of the “Girls of Manas’” dance team. After Jyldyzbek Jumabaev played on the komuz, one of the young manaschy’s Imashev Beksultan told “Manas” and young singer Shayir Bakytbekova sang song.

At the opening speech, the head of the club Begimay Asyranova told about actitvity of the club: “Intellectual club “Oylonshow” has been working constantly for 5 years. During this period, club contributed for the bringing up of the knowledge-dedicated and enthusiastic youngsters, and club will continue to do it”.

As usually, the game consisted of three rounds, the currencies of the countries and questions based on the interesting facts about them. In a result of the competitive game, the first place was after the team “Oychuldar”. The second place took team “Ak shumkar”, the third place won team “Champion”. Besides of it, “The best player” nomination was awarded to Seyitbekov Zhumadyl.

Winners received art books and certificates from the “Köykashka” public association.

Prepared by Akymbaev Altynbek

Translated by Timur Bapiev