On November 1, a fair of clubs was held, where 16 of them participated in total. The fair was held in the conference hall named after K. Tynystanov with the assistance of the Student Council.

The event was opened by the dance group "Manastyn kyzdary", after which the Chairman of the Student Council Askarbek Abduakimov delivered a speech. According to him, the opening of a special building for the Student Council and its clubs pleases them and inspires them to work even more. When we are given such conditions, we need to seize the opportunity and benefit from it and develop. And one of the ways of versatile development is to join any club. "Therefore, be sure to work with clubs" - addressed the words to students in the preparatory course. After that, the leaders of each registered club made presentations and presented their clubs. In the presentation they showed their achievements, useful aspects of the club and ways of self-development in it. The fair ended with the admission of new faces to the clubs.

Recall that with the support of the Student Council, the total number of clubs working to discover new talents is 31. 

                                                                                                 Prepared by Aksaamay Nazarbay kyzy 

                                                                        Translated by Timur Bapiev