On December 13, 2020, an online seminar on 'Self-Improvement' was organized by the ‘Biolife’ Club of the Student Council, via the Google Meet application. The guest of the seminar was Ayazbek Atamkulov, a graduate of our university's Faculty of Theology and secretary of the Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism of KR.
Around 70 students attended the seminar. Ayazbek Atamkulov emphasized what a person should do in order to improve himself. He explained how important it is to be planned in personal development and how to make a plan. He stated what types of books and which books one should read in order to develop. He explained in detail how people should behave in the face of any negative situation, and how to get morale and motivation from whom. Then, the questions posed by the students were answered.


Prepared by Muhammed Ramazan Kurtoglu
Translated by Nuraida Omurbekova