Manas LIFE

Manas LIFE is the fun portal of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University. It was established with support of Student Council in 2015-2016 academic years. It is an independent and one of the favor portals which could obtain huge fans in a short period of time. If to say few information about portal than it involves students who will to improve themselves, pretend their future career in a Mass Media and have desire to contribute for improvements of this sphere.  Also Manas LIFE becomes as one of the best practice platform for students of Communication Faculty of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University as well as for different department students. As a member of this portal students could use their theory skills which they obtained during study in a practice. The purpose of the Manas LIFE is to illustrate the life in Manas University as much as interesting, lively and funny. Especially all video ratings which produced by Manas LIFE are in a big popularity. It needs to mention that portal is in a raising period because it is a young one. In addition members of Manas LIFE with their creativity, productivity and friendship are always in a path of searching what brings them an incredible success.

Manas LİFE team

Soltobek Erkin


Bekmamat Taalaibek Uulu Manas Akmataliev Nurdan Bakyt Uulu Azamat Kadyrov Eldiyar Kadyrov
Operator Operator Operator Reporter Editor
Gauhar Batyrkanova Canara Nurbekova Cibek Abışeva Ayperim Tişkimbayeva Nurzada Ulanbekova
Photographer Reporter PR manager Reporter Reporter
  Adinay Kyrmanova   Nurzida Toygombayeva  
  Correspondent   Correspondent  


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