On the 11th of December 2020, a seminar on 'Knowledge, Effort and Time Management' was organized by the «Translation and Translators Club» of the Student Council as part of the 'Successful Alumni' Project. The seminar was held online via Google Meet. The guest of activity was Nurjigit Myrzabekov, one of the successful graduates of our University and the speaker of the Pyramid Channel and the presenter of the Euromaxx Program.
Nurjigit Myrzabekov, the founder of the Translation and Translators Club, was known as a successful student who always took part in cultural activities during his student days, who always loved research. By sharing some fun memories of the student days, he encouraged the students to use their time in the right way to evaluate their time in the best way. He pointed out that learning is not age, and that a person should always learn new things.
At the end of the seminar, which had a total of 80 participants, the questions asked by the students were answered.

Prepared by: Muhammed Ramazan Kurtoğlu
Translated by: Nuraida Omurbekova