Achievements of the “Zhamiyla” play

On December 25, the Chyngyz Aytmatov’s piece “Zhamiyla” was performed on the stage at the Kyrgyz-Turkish “Manas” University in the Conference hall named after K. Tynystanov. The spectators were satisfied with this work prepared by the students of the Performing Acts Department of the Arts Faculty and by the theatre club.  

At the end of the play rector prof., doc. Sebahattin Balzhy told: “I express my gratitude for the play. Teachers, students , theatre club have come together with the performance and thus pictured the integration of the various nations. The play moved me to my youth  where I had been young. At those time, we were also playing in the play. It means, that our customs are continuing to exist. Chyngyz Aytmatov can be under the ground, however among young people like you, he will be still alive. In the 90 years old, he lives in the depth of the hearts”.

On December 17-21, 2018, the Kyrgyz Republics’  Ministry of the Culture, Information and Tourism, the Kyrgyzstan’s Theatre Workers’ Union, and the University of the Culture and Art named after B. Beyshenalieva have organised 4th republican theatre festival “New names”. The purpose of the festival was to see students’ achievements, support them and to bring new names to the world of theatre. The 4th year students of the  Arts Faculty of the KTMU, have won the main prize. They have participated with play of the Bertold Brecht’s ‘’The Caucasian Chalk Circle’’.  The team was awarded with the Grand Prix, and Gulnur Zhamilbekova was awarded with the  judges’ prize for the best performing in the woman’s role.  

The students of the KTMU’s students’ theatre – studio have participated in the festival by the ‘’Zhamilya’’ play and achieved the first place. The second year student of the Department of Arts Mehmed Kostekchy was awarded with ‘’The Best Direction’’ title. The ‘’Young Dream” republican prize was awarded to the Zharkynbek Kazybekov, Afruza Sohretbek kyzy, and Sayid Dumanga for the best acting. The awarding ceremony was held in the Kyrgyz academical drama theatre named after T. Abdymomunov.   

For the achieved success, rector has given the  badges of the University and the book “People of the Turkic World”  to the whole team. Rector presented his own badge to the Zhanysh Kulmanbetov who is a teacher of the theatre and costumes lesson at the Faculty of Arts and the chairman of the Theatre Workers’ Union under the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism.

Prepared by Muhammed Kurtoglu

Translated by Timur Bapiev