On December 20, 2019 “Manas Awards-2019” award ceremony was held in the Conference Hall named after K.Tynystanov. “Manas Awards” which has become traditional in our university, has ended the competition to select the best of the year. The award ceremony was attended by the University's administration, academic and administrative staff and students.

Degree recipients were given certificates and Crystal plaques. Then the winners were filmed with the camera spinning 360 degrees around them.

The selection for most of the year consisted of 2 stages and candidates competed in a total of 11 areas. On 1-20 April 2019 the first stage was carried on the’s Instagram site. On the bottom of the site’s each field students tagged the names of students worthy of that field. Candidates with the most names tagged were eligible to advance to the second stage.

A total of 357 students were named on the social media account and 7039 votes were collected (300-500 votes to 20-30 people). The second stage was held On April 23 till May 11, and the voting process was done via Instagram. A total of 16,735 people voted.
According to the results of the two stages:
1) Presenter of the year – Munarbek BAZARKULOV (413 votes)
2) The Most Beautiful of the year – Aygerim ALMAZ kyzy (945 votes)
3) Graduate of the year – Erzhan BAYKULOV (1302 votes)
4) Event of the year – Secrets of success (292 votes)
5) Most Handsome of the year - Ilim MOLDOBEKOV (431 votes)
6) Athlete of the year – Imanbek TENTIEV (344 votes)
7) Club of the year - Manas Debating Club (979 votes)
8) Guest of the year – Yusuf Mert Er (331 votes)
9) Class of the year (among preparation classes) - 305 numbered class (Teacher of the class Ebru KARAKAYA-NERGIZ)
10) Singer of the year – Urmat Tokonbaev (483 votes)
11) Dance team of the year – Girls of Manas Dance Group (366 votes)

Recall that, “The Manas Awards – 2019” event was organized by the Student and Alumni Coordination Branch of the student affairs department with the aim of improving the relations between the students, motivating them and contributing to their development.

Prepared by Aksaamay Nazarbay kyzy
Translated by Timur Bapiev