Ak-Talaa region’s prospective students visit.

On 16th of November, 25 active students who are studying at 11th grade from over 22 secondary schools across the Ak-Talaa region visited our university.

At the event, presentation film was shown, the answers for each question were replied and at the end all our students received symbolic presents from our university.

After the theory part of the event, for prospective students was organized a campus tour where they could visit Communication, Economic, Physical Training, Engineering faculties and Libraries, Dormitories of our university.

Noting that, the event was held within the Year of History and Culture, at the same time in honor of the 80th anniversary of Ak-Talaa region. According to the organizers, purpose of this event was to assist for students in choosing their future professions, helping them to open a new world and effect to their patriotism.

Reporter: Asel Shamilova
Translator: Aikel Tashtanbaeva