Conversation with the Rectorate

On November 23 was held a meeting of the Rectorate with the students of Humanities Faculty. At the meeting Rector Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Balci, Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Asylbek Kulmyrzaev answered to the questions of students, beginning from opportunities and ending with the problems of the faculty.

"Life is a competition. In order not to lose in that competition, you need to learn and work throughout the whole life, because our world is changing every five years. And, the knowledge and labor are the light, which the “Manas” University will not give out," said the rector.

Reminding that each year the Rectorate meets with the students of all faculties. Interviews are held every Wednesday, and are planned to be implemented until March next year.

Noting that the meetings organized by the Office of Student Affairs.

Reporter: Asel Shamilova

Translator: Aikel Tashtanbaeva