Evening Talks with International Students

On 26th of February at K. Tnystanov Cnference- hall was held an evening talk with international students. The purpose of the meeting was to encourage students who are studying from different countries at Manas University and make them feel in Kyrgyzstan as in their homeland. Main guest of this meeting were Rectorate of the University.

During the talk students could have a chance asking their questions and having responses  related to their education, about life in dormitories and many students pleased to share from Rector and vice-Rector about their success, achievements and advices. Productive meeting was organized by International Students Representatives and in the future this kind of meeting will be held with each Faculty of the University.

It need to mention that at Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University students having education  from Kyrgyzstan 4376, Turkey 538, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan15, China 19, Kazakhstan 5, Mongolia 12, Uzbekistan 72, Russia 12, Tajikistan 95, South Korea 2, Turkmenistan 6, Iran and Kosovo 1.