Manas BLOG:Do we have “Gentlemen” in Manas?

Just 2 days ago I met with my friends from school. Besides me, they all have already got their diplomas, some of them married and others have boyfriends. But, I’m still a student. Because, as every Manasian knows, I dedicated my precious 12 months to “Hazyrlyk”. But, I never regret, however, the most interesting things happened in my “Hazyrlyk” years. But, I’m going to tell you about another  thing. At the party, my friends asked whether I have a boyfriend. And, one of my friends answered eventually, that I even didn’t have time to open my mouth. “You are asking, if she has a boyfriend? Come on, of course, she doesn’t have! Don’t you know where she studies? She studies in “Manas”, where the boys do not look anybody besides books…” she said. I really was shocked. And, just after the party came to the dorm, then went to our library. It was full of boys. So, it made me smile, they were reading BOOKS. None of them recognized me. So, I intentionally walked loudly, pressing my heels to the floors. So there, one of the boys looked at me and said, “Could you please be a bit silent?” And, I took a book from shelves and started reading. 

So, dear boys of KTMU, reading books is of course good thing. But, sometimes, look around, you aren’t eternal bachelors. Make girls know, that “Manas” also have boys, “Gentlemen”.

© Aikel Tashtanbaeva