Rector met with students of the Faculty of Science

On 8th of February, the rector, professor Dr. Sebahattin Baljy and Vice-rector, professor Dr. Anvarbek Mokeev held a discussion evening with the students of the Faculty of Science. The meeting involved students of the Faculty of Science and teachers. 

At first, there were shown the videos of world nomad games, which were shot by our university. Then, the rector spoke about his life and experiences, and gave advices.

Then, there were shown a video-quizz prepared by the student portal “Manas Life”. Students asked questions and got answers from rector as well. 

Reminding, that this kind of meetings have been organized starting from the 23rd of November. And forward, we expect meeting with the students of the faculties of Veterinary and Plant Protection.

Noting, that the meetings are organized by the rectorate in the aim of getting acquainted with students closely, talking with them, and giving them motivations.

Questions asked during the interview:

1. How many jobs you had at total?

 Professor, Dr. Sebahattin Baljy: I worked at 6, 7 types of jobs at total.

2. Is being a Rector difficult? What kind of difficulties it has?

Professor, Dr. Sebahattin Baljy: Being a rector is a severe profession, actually all kind of management professions have their own difficulties. But, I don’t want to threat the young leaders, telling about them.

3. Why the supplementary exams were excluded?

Professor, Dr. Sebahattin Baljy: Supplementary exams are for lazy students. Our students are not lazy, and I believe, they do not need any supplementary exam. 

4. The faculty of Natural Science study English only for two years. Can we study for more years?

Professor, Dr. Sebahattin Baljy: English is included only for two years into your curriculum. Because you are the students of Natural Science Faculty, so that’s why the stress must be more on natural sciences.

5. What do you do in your free times? And, what we need to do at our free times?

Professor, Dr. Sebahattin Baljy: At your free times, do things in an other fields, out of your profession. Perhaps, there would remain your hidden talents. Most importantly, you need a good time management. We should spend 12 hours of day, for studying and work. Only then, the future will be in our hands!

Prepared by: Nurzida Toigombaeva

Translated by: Aikel Tashtanbaeva