KTMU Alumni Association’s Annual Winter Ski Trip.

On 18th of February 2017, the KTMU Alumni Association organized traditional 5th in row ski trip which runs every year for Alumni, this time the trip was made in Chonkurchak Ski Resort. This year Alumni Association’s sponsors organized ski trip for university active students.

Ski trip was attended by Rector Prof.Dr. Sebahattin BALCI, Vice-rector Prof.Dr. Huseyin OGUT and Secretary General of KTMU Ziya ARPALI.

Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Sebahattin BAlCI expressed his thanks to Alumni Association, drew attention to the importance of  being always together the Alumnies and students and made a note that university administration will be always stay focused on students and alumnies and will be ready to hold support as much as possible.

President of Alumni Association Serhat Atmaca and vice- presidents Kiyal Turdakunova expressed their thanks for Rector and to all who participated, supported to organize the 5th in row annual ski trip and reminded that Alumnies and students are one big family.  

Participants could had an enjoyable time, lunch together and at the end they all took pictures. 

Prepared by: Asel Shamilova

Translated by: Aikel Tashtanbaeva