“Manas” travels 7 provinces

On February 23, the program “Manas Taanytuu” has been reported. The event brought together 63 students and more than 5380 school leavers were informed.

The introduction of university took place in winter vocations and the students visited schools of 7 provinces. Besides, they went even to the schools in villages and far regions. The school leavers were informed about the opportunities and conditions of our university.

“Our university is lighter because of educated and civilized students. The big number of that kind of students ensures the bright future of our institution. And we need these kind of students!” says the rector, professor Dr. Sebahattin Baljy.

Noting, the activity “Manas Taanytuu” is organized every year by the Student Council.

Prepared by: Asel Shamilova
Translated by: Aikel Tashtanbaeva