Manas_BLOGS: Typical day of a Manas student

This schedule has been repeated for almost six months. I live in a dormitory and get up at six or seven o'clock every day. The first task in the early morning is to wash up very fast and try to be the first in the line in the canteen for free breakfast. The line may be long from where it is served till the door of girls’ section. It reminds me of a bread line. Free breakfast starts at 7.30. I'm as it’s said "the early bird catches the worn" always the first in a queue. After having breakfast and dressed up with earphones in my ears I and my roommate start our long trip from point Djal to point Merkez.

Along this road it is possible to see scores of people like us. Especially in the old airport when the sun goes down chains of students are resemble a train in the desert Sahara. Afterwards when we reach Polytechnic University next door, my head turns right to watch time and temperature degree as there's a clock above the door of main building of that university. While walking I run into variety of adventures. How people in a hurry can't wait for green signal of the traffic light and cross the road annoying car drivers, moreover, drivers get in stuck in rush hour. When I get the entrance of Manas, I always grub my bag to find my student’s ID, I'm not an only one. Everybody is preparing own cards to pass the turnstiles. There are two guards who check people if they cheat or not. Beside, on the right, there is a crowd of people who haven't had breakfast at home and stand in the line to buy something to snack. The poor waitress tries to serve them properly. Getting up to the third floor and entering the classroom I reach my target. Our lesson begins with the teacher's “good morning guys " and pretty smile on his face. After our lessons end and when the door opens the smell of delicious food captivates my mind. Students get to cafeteria and have lunch, in order not to stand in “student’s jam". As usual I have dinner with my group mates then imagine how with full stomach to get up to the fifth floor. In the afternoon I have other classes till 5 o'clock. At 5.00 I call my friends if they are waiting for me to go back together to the dormitory. On tour way there we talk and discuss how our lessons passed everyone tries to add something new they had that day. It's possible to feel student’s atmosphere when you enter the gate of the dormitory. Some people seat on the bench and play musical instruments like enjoying life after a tiring day. Some of them look haggard and ready to fall in to the bed. In the evening canteen seems like beehive, buzz floats outside. Everyone is engaged into their own business. You can hear belly laugh and singing in the corridor. Students would stay late if there was not educator who checks every room, demanding to switches off the lights. Thus, the life in dormitory proceeds...

© Diana Turgunbaeva