Hazirlik Dance Battle, who is the best dancer?

Recently, among the students of preparatory classes was held a dance battle “Hazyrlyk”.The event was organized with the initiative of the preparatory course’s student Daniyar Taalaibek uulu.

The competition was held in two stages. First, the participants demonstrated their prepared dance numbers, and in the 2nd stage they participated in the dance battle with the dancers of the group “Modern Dance”.

In the end, as the winner of the battle was found Anarbekova Guzal, the 2nd place occupied by Ivagov Aibat, the 3rd place gone to Stalbekova Albina. The winners were awarded with medals and certificates.

Besides, Diana Salieva, Beksultan Alimbekov, Urmat Tokombaev and the “Tamashaka” pleased the guests with a concert program.

Prepared by: Elina Mamytkanova

Translated by: Aikel Tashtanbaeva