Schoolchildren Visited Our University

On Monday, October 2 of this year students from Bishkek Secondary Schools №81 and №94 came to learn more about our university.

The event began in K. Tynystanov Gathering Hall of our university with an introductory video to Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, and Manas LIFE, Manas PEOPLE project videos. After the videos children received answers to their questions, and then set out to learn more about our university. As a part of the campus tour, the pupils wished to see the laboratories, TV Studio, dormitory, and sport complex of our university. At the end of the event the great majority of the schoolchildren started to ask a question on how to get into Manas University.

We note that the pupils had been selected under Bright Future Project of the Child Rights Defenders' League Public Foundation. A goal of the project is to encourage the children, acquiring education in the distant districts of Bishkek, to pursue education and lead a healthy life (without alcoholic drinks and narcotics).

Prepared by: Adinai Kurmanova

Translated by: Bermet Kodjosheva