Elections to the International Students Coordinating Office started.

On October 14 the International Students Representatives were elected to the International Students Coordinating office among the students from the Republics of Kyrgyzstan and Turkey, and three other neighboring countries.

During the elections a secret vote was held, and hundreds of students participated in the elections. Candidates for Country Representative briefly introduced themselves, and shared their programs to be carried out within a year.

Candidacies for Country Representatives were submitted by a minimum of two and a maximum of five students. At the end Nursultan Kanayev and Ramazan Koroglu were elected Representatives of Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. Kamiran Alimov was appointed as Representative of Kazakhstan.

Gulnur Ibragimova and Alimjan Raimjanov were elected Representatives of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

We note that the International Student Affairs Office has been established with a view to support the active participation of students from the Republic of Turkey and 11 neighboring countries, acquiring education in the university, in scientific, social, sports, and cultural activities, to promote rapprochement of cultures of various ethnic groups. The aforementioned office has been conducting its activities since 2015.

The election to Azerbaijan, Russia, China, Mongolia, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan will be held at

the next week.

Prepared by AdinaiKurmanova

Translated by: Bermet Kodjosheva