Manas Students at World Youth Festival

More than 200 young activists from Kyrgyzstan participated in the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, Russia, from 14 to 22 October. Around 10 students from Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University attended the aforementioned festival.

According to the available information, more than 30 thousand of young people from 188 countries took part in the Youth Festival in Sochi. During the festival the participants engaged in various discussions, cultural, sports, scientific and educational activities.
We had a brief conversation with some of the students from Manas University, who took part in the aforementioned festival, on their participation in the festival, moments of delight, and the festival itself.

A 4th year student at the Department of Agriculture, Kapar Nasirdinov, recalls: “When the Festival Acceptance Letter arrived, I didn’t quite have a feeling of excitement. I started to feel nervous once we arrived in Sochi. In particular, I was experiencing a quite pleasant feeling during the opening of the festival”.

It was 3 o’clock in the morning when a 3rd year student at the Department of International Relations, Symbat Toksombayeva, received her Letter of Acceptance. At first she couldn’t understand what the letter was saying. She recalls not being able to fall asleep for joy for quite a while afterwards. As for the festival, Symbat says: “During the festival I had the most memorable and unique moments of my life. I believe that the knowledge and experience gained at the festival will come useful in my home country”.

A 2nd year student at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Kanykei Kalybayeva, says: “I was very excited when I read my Acceptance Letter. I can’t describe the feelings I was experiencing at that moment. The festival was a very interesting and worthwhile experience from start to finish. Everything associated with the festival will remain in my heart forever”.

A 3rd year student at the Department of Public Relations and Advertising, Kanat Nogoibayev, said: “I wanted to be part of the festival very much, and couldn’t wait to learn the results. The festival was held at the level higher than I had expected. Participation in the festival made it possible for me to gain knowledge in different spheres, and make friends of different ethnic origin. The unique atmosphere of the festival increased our motivation for life and inspired to build our future better”.

“Imagine the joy of getting the opportunity to participate in the festival held every four years. When the Acceptance Letter arrived, I was very excited, so I read the letter several times. After the festival my view of the world changed, and it stimulated and inspired me to lead a better life. I have made friends with young people of various ethnicities, and spent unforgettable, most memorable days,” a 2nd year student at the Department of Russian Language and Literature, Umut Nurlanova, says.

“I am happy and proud to have participated in a world festival. Because not everyone gets this opportunity. As for the festival, I commend the level of its organization. I hope that similar events will also be held in our country,” a graduate student, Arsen Asanov, says.

Prepared by: Adinai Kurmanova

Translated by: Bermet Kodjosheva