Famous Anchorman, Erkin Ryskulbekov, Hosted a Seminar

On November 6 of this year the Alumni Association and Personal Growth Club organized a seminar on the theme “Secrets to Success” under the From Graduate to Student Project. The seminar was conducted by a graduate of KTMU and TV anchor, Mr. Erkin Ryskulbekov.

During the Seminar Mr. Erkin Ryskulbekov described his way from the childhood, shared interesting stories from his student days, how he went on the air on TV for the first time, difficulties he encountered and interesting stories on his way to success.

During the seminar he noted that a person can get ahead with no money and connections, as long as he/she works tirelessly to achieve a goal. During his speech he said: “God sends the bad and the good to test us. If you can stand them both, your wealth and welfare will remain with you. However, if you become conceited and have your nose in the air, God will take everything away in no time.” “The unique characteristic of Manas University is not its great campus and modern technologies, but the strength of kinship ties,” he added.

At the end of the seminar he answered the questions given by the students, and authors of the best questions were given gifts.

Moreover, Mr. Erkin Ryskulbekov received an Appreciation Certificate from the organizers.

Prepared by: Tattybubu Abdyseitova

Translated by: Bermet Kodjosheva