Intellectual game 'Üniversitem-Manas'

This year, on May 12, there was held an intellectual game called “My University is Manas”. It was organized by the club “Oilonshow” and the International Student Coordination. The Rector of our university, teachers and professors, and students visited the program. 10 teams have competed with each other and they were asked different kind of interesting questions about our institution. This very game was distinguished with its logical and video-quizzes from previous games. As well as, there was at least one foreign student in each team. Finally, the team “Jalyn” conquered the 3rd place, the team “Devele” deserved 2nd place, and at last, the team “Dostuk” won the 1st prize. The teams were awarded with the USB memory cards of 8,16,32 GB, and with other valuable gifts. 

The Rector highlighted, that the game was held on the best level.