Remembrance of the Great Writer Chyngyz Aitmatov

On December 12 of this year the Student Council paid tribute to the great writer Chyngyz Aitmatov at the Ata-Beyit Memorial Complex.

At the Ata-Beyit Memorial Complex the Quran was recited for the great writer, and the students learned more about Aitmatov’s works and life. The Chairwoman of the Student Council, Alina Tilekteshova, said: “Aitmatov’s works will stay in our hearts forever. It’s our duty to pass them on to next generations and introduce the youth to his creations.” In addition, “It is unfortunate that I didn’t have the chance to meet such a great person as Aitmatov. I will always consider him the most ideal man,” one of the students participating in the event, Adilet Tilebayev, said. 

Moreover, the students were asked some questions regarding the author’s life and works. Active participants were presented with gifts.

We note that remembrance events in honor of Chyngyz Aitmatov take place every year. 

Prepared by Aksaamai Nazarbai kyzy

Translated by Bermet Kozhoshova