Premiere of Unutulgan Salt

The premiere of “Unutulgan Salt” (Kyrgyz унутулган салт – forgotten tradition), a film prepared at the initiative of the Yiman Spiritual Culture Development Fund, has taken place as a part of the Year of Conscience, Manners and Culture. The event was held by the Student Council. The premiere was attended by the Project Coordinator of the Yiman Fund, Mr. Tabyldy Muratbekov, the film crew, the actors, and students.

The event began with “Mekenibiz Zhuzubuz” (Kyrgyz мекенибиз жүзүбүз – our land represents us), “Ata-Ene” (Kyrgyz ата-эне – parents), videos that are of great educational value, and continued with a film entitled “Stipendia” (Kyrgyz стипендия – scholarship). Before the film was shown, the filming crew provided some information on it. “The existence of traditions in our lives is important, but what’s more important is appropriate use of these traditions. If the film has an effect on the lives of the viewers, its purpose will be fulfilled,” the Project Coordinator of the Yiman Fund, Mr. Tabyldy Muratbekov said.

The film “Unutulgan Salt” depicts hardships in the life of a family and the lives of relatives that consider traditions to be a reason for their bad actions. 

At the end of the event some questions on the characters in the film were given to the students. Those with best answers were presented with gifts. 

Prepared by Adinai  Kurmanova

Translated by Bermet Kozhoshova