Seminar Entitled “What Do You Know about AIDS?” Passed

On December 13 in K. Tynystanov Gathering Hall a seminar entitled “What Do You Know about AIDS?” was held. It was conducted by an epidemiologist of the National AIDS Center, Ms. Aigerim Meimanbekova.

At the seminar Ms. Meimanbekova elaborated on AIDS transmission and precautionary measureы. “In Kyrgyzstan AIDS-infected citizens choose to secrete the disease and refuse treatment instead of combatting it. It results in an increase in the incidence of AIDS,” Ms. Meimanbekova said. A doctor of the university’s health center, Ms. Osmonbekova noted: “It is important to pay greater attention to preventive measures rather than its treatment.”

Moreover, during the seminar a video on AIDS was shown. At the end questions were given to sum up the material received. Active students were rewarded.

We note that World AIDS Day is marked on December 1.

Prepared by Nurzat Kazybekova
Translated by Bermet Kozhoshova