8th Season of the Oilonshow is Over

On December 14 of this year in K. Tynystanov Gathering Hall the 8th season of the Oilonshow intellectual game ended.  The game was held on the theme “Kyrgyz Media”. The event was attended by a member of Manas Tea Company,  Temirlan Adinov, the members of the Student Council, and the students. 

The competition started with and introductory video to the Oilonshow Club, and continued with a concert program. In total, 10 teams participated in the game, and competed during two rounds. The players answered some questions related to the history of newspaper, TV, radio, and media representatives. At the end the 3rd place was taken by Zhany Muun, and the Intellect team was ranked 2nd. The Olympus team won, and made it to the finals. The winners were presented with gifts from Manas Tea Company and diplomas.

We note that the next game is to be held on December 20. The theme of the competition will be chosen by lot, and announced on the Oilonshow Facebook page. 

Prepared by Aksaamai Nazarbai kyzy

Translated by Bermet Kozhoshova