Ancient and Kyrgyz cultural game “Sarmerden”

On 10th of March was held one of the popular Kyrgyz cultural games “Sarmerden. The first game for 2016 organized in a high level and there were full of guests who were deeply respect participants of the cultural game. It is their effort that the game alive from generation to generation.

Youth opened ceremony with the song “Guldoyjan” and with some short stories of epic Manas. During the concert there were songs, “makal-lakap”, “janylmach”,”poetry” and ended with the game “Koz tanmay”. It needs to mention that Sarmerden is a competition among boys and girls. At this time the victory was taken by girls and courageous participation of girls made all auditory very happy.

According to the speech of Atilla Guven, co-president of the Council of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University the “Sarmerden” cultural game will be held among different universities of Bishkek. At this moment the team of Manas is very busy on preparation for this competition.