Effects of harmful substances

November 26, 2018 by the public organization "Green Crescent" opened an exhibition of paintings entitled "Consequences of harmful substances". It aimed to prevent dependency on drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc. The exhibition runs until November 29 at the Faculty of Communication.

The chief secretary of the Bishkek Branch of public organization, Aya Bapayeva, said: “We hold this event at different universities throughout the year. Now we are planning to travel around the regions by the end of the year in order to warn even more young people and direct them to the right path. ”

In addition, there will be a competition of the same name. Students can participate in the competition with their drawings and paintings related to this topic. For prizes prepared very interesting gifts. The drawing that received the first place will be sent to the UN archives.

Prepared by: Melis Kyzy Louise
Translated by: Timur Bapiev