Changing the format of the intellectual game “Oilonshow”

On November 30 in the assembly hall named after K. Tynystanov, held Kurultay to change the internal format of the intellectual club “Oilonshow” under the Student Council. The meeting was attended by former and current members of the club, as well as players.

In order to update and improve the system of the club, changes were made to the game format. Based on different ideas, attitudes, disputes, the following requirements were put in the new format.

1. Mandatory registration of all teams and players;
2. Participation in the game of members of the club engaged in organizational work;
3. Compliance with the queue in the game, registered teams / players;

Also, one of the reasons for making changes in the format is that the organizers were engaged only in organizing games, but they themselves could not participate as players. In the process of changing the format of the game, an open vote was taken for different proposals, where the members of the club and the players were voters.

Recall that in this academic year, the intellectual club “Oilonshow” is guided by Begimay Asranova.

Prepared by: Aksaamay Nazarbay Kyzy

Translated by: Timur Bapiev