On 30 November 2018, a seminar was organized by the Alumni Association and International Relations club under the Stucdent Council. 

Guest at the seminar was graduate of Kyrgyz – Turkish Manas University Abdyrakhman Sulaimanov and student of the OSCE Academy. The subject of the seminar was China’s One Belt and Road’”. Notably, the language of the seminar was in English and the students followed the seminar with interest.

Sulaimanov thanked everyone who attended the seminar.  At the end of the seminar, some of the students expressed their opinions and asked questions.

“ One Belt One Road” project is an investment project involving a population of 3 billion people. The project aims to establish a transport infrastructure, trade and investment link between the key economies in the Asia-Europe line. The project, which reached a global coverage in later times, has two important international trade routes from land and sea; The Silk Road, which forms the section of the belt, is the Economic Belt and the Sea Silk Road forms the road section.

Prepared by:  Muhammed Kurtoğlu

Translated by: Timur Bapiev