Our university become the owner of the “Magister Cup 2018 ”

In honour of the 90th anniversary of the birth of the famous writer, columnist, translator, and an intellectual  Chyngyz Aytmatov a competition called “Magister-Cup 2018” was held at the Kyrgyz State Arabayev University. All higher education institutions in Bishkek participated in the competition, and the games were highly competitive.

The play’s questions consisted of the life and works of Chyngyz Aytmatov and the questions about Kyrgyz ethnography, culture and national heritage.

Representing our university “Oychuldar” team was the champion of the competition by leaving all teams behind.

Team captain Balgart Keneshov: “Since the date of the competition was clear, we have made intense preparations on the topics that have been announced, in order to protect the honour of our university and to represent it in the best possible way. As the fruit of our preparation, today we are called champions! We thank the university that believed to us.”

Recall that, the “Magister Cup” quiz was held on December 11 at the University named after Arabaev. 

Prepared by: Balgart Keneshov 

Translated by: Timur Bapiev