Traditional conversation night’s regular meeting

On April 4, 2019 President of our university Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Balcı, and vice – president, Prof. Dr. Anvarbek Mokeev conducted conversational night for students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and School of Tourism and Hotel Management.

At first, the conversation night started with the film screening of the university’s promo video and short videos about World Nomad Games.

After, the President provided information about graduates of these two Faculties. “When we see brand, we can figure out without testing the quality whether it is bad or not. The same should be with our graduates, they should be like well known and qualitative brands. Therefore, use the all opportunities of our university, study good and try to be among firsts”, - told President Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Balcı.

Vice – president, Prof. Dr. Anvarbek Mokeev shared with his view: “Student is not an empty bucket, he is a candle, you just need to light it on. Student should seek to develop himself, teacher only gives a direction.”

During the conversation, students received answers to questions of interest to them.

Prepared by Aksaamay Nazarbay kyzy

Translated by Timur Bapiev