Intellectual Competition on the topic Nobel Prize

On April 12, 10th season’s 8th game of the intellectual club “Oylonshow” was held in the VIP salon of the Recreational facilites’s building. This time the topic of the game was about famous Nobel prize.

The game consisted from 3 parts: at first teams had elimination round, then the main part of the game started. During the game questions were asked about Nobel Prize laureates, and their contribution to the science.

In a result of the game, the 3rd place took team “Ilim”, the 2nd place earned team “Betme - bet”.

The first place won team “Kyalkechter” (dreamers). Besides of it, “The Best player” nomination was awarded to Nasirdin uulu Temirbek.

The winners got from sponsors literature books and certificates of recognition.

Prepared by Akymbaev Altynbek

Translated by Timur Bapiev