Our Pride

This year, on the 27th of October, our university’s senior student of the department of journalism Faculty of Communication Aizirek Urmatbekova was awarded with the presidential scholarship.



In the competition , which is started in May, participated totally 159 students. Out of the 159, 61 students have won the scholarship and were awarded with the president’s diploma of honor, and money prize. The participants of the competition were the students of 3rd and 4th courses, came from 27 different institutions.

Noting ,that Aizirek Urmatbekova studied in Mersin University in Turkey via the student exchange program. In addition, she is the graduate of the 3rd stream of the social school “Progressive , Initiative Fund”, “Young Leaders of Kyrgyzstan” , and had an 1 month internship in Turkey channel “TRT”. Now, she works for the journal “Shookum”.

Reporter: Adinay Kurmanova

Translator: Aikel Tashtanbaeva