Debate tournament "MIX BOOM"

On January 26, 2020, our University hosted an annual debate tournament called "MIX BOOM". This tournament is held every year as a relay race between the debate clubs. This year, the tournament was organized by the debate club "Manas".

The main concept and feature of the tournament is an interesting game and strengthening of friendly relations between students. In addition, each team consisted of participants from two different teams. The tournament was attended by students of such universities as AUCA, KSLA, KRSU, BSU, KSUCTA, KNU, KSTU, KTUM.

In the final game, the residents of the debate club "Manas": Azamat Oskonbaev, Syimyk Yryskeldiev, Bakyt Orozbaev showed the game with each team. As a result, Mikhail Druzhinin (AUCA) and Samat Anarbekov (KTUM) won the tournament. Besides, Samat Anarbekov became the "Best speaker" of the game.


Prepared by Saadat Kazakbaeva
Translated by Timur Bapiev