On February 12, the Oylon Show Club held the quiz and celebrated 6th year anniversary. The quiz took place in the Faculty of Economics and Management’s Conference Hall named after Kasym Tynystanov. 15 teams participated in total. 

The previous presidents and members of the club were invited to celebrate the club's 6th anniversary. They congratulated the club and presented their presents.
The quiz was on “The Pen of the Painter” and consisted of 3 rounds in total. In the first round named Duel, a competitor from each team answered the questions. A total of 12 teams successfully passed the first round and were entitled to participate in the next Team Race round. As a result of the contest, the Victory Team won the first place, the Kreativ Team the second place and the Vau Team the third place.

Bostonbek Babaev was chosen as the "Best Player" as a result of the Kahoot game. Tynystan Temirzhan uulu, who has been the head of the Oylon Show Club in the past, said: “As time goes by, our club brings together forward-thinking students, and the quizzess become more professional and interesting. I wish to the members of the club to be always in friendship and to be enthusiastic”.
In the end of the contest, certificates of award were presented, and buffet table was organised.

Prepared by Aksaamay Nazarbay kyzy
Translated by Timur Bapiev