"The Voice Of Manas"

On 9th of February, in the conference hall K. Tynystanov was held a competition "The Voice of Manas" among the students of the preparatory course. 

The initiator of this project was a second year student of the Conservatoire Beksultan Alimbekov, with the support of the student Council. 

The judges of the competition were the pop singer Burul Arunova, lecturer of the Department of Music Aisha Saralaeva, President of the student Council Zalkar Amanov and his Deputy Atilla Guven. 

Noting, that at the preliminary round, out of 80 people were selected 11 people.

In the end, first place was taken by Urmat Tokombaev, second – Diana Salieva, and the third place went to student from Mongolia Cogerall Battoulga. The winners and contest participants were awarded with gifts and certificates.

In addition, such events among the students of the preparatory course are held every year. According to the organizers, next year this competition will be held by the winners of this year.

Besides, at the competitive evening were shown a video prepared by the student portal "Manas Life". The video says about the 26 year old citizen of Bishkek, Talip uulu Jailoobek, who lost his sight and asking for help in raising funds for the surgeon. Noting, that in that day were collected 2500 soms.

Preapared by: Nurzida Toigombaeva

Translated by: Aikel Tashtanbaeva