Manas_BLOGS: Secrets of the mirror

On social networking sites nowadays we can often see pictures of people taken in the mirror. Photos in the reflection was a new peak of fashion, and making regular photo, young people can hardly remember the old superstitions, which states that to be photographed in the mirror can be dangerous.

Let's try to figure out what caused such bans. In this case, mirror might seem to be such an unusual and mystical thing. In fact, it is just a piece of glass, one side of which is covered with amalgam and a layer of black paint. But why mirror is surrounded by a halo of mystery for many centuries? Why many sorcerers, witches and shamans prefer to use this thing as a magic attribute for their rituals? Even people, who have a direct relation to science, call a mirror "the unique multi-layer structure." Finding reliable answers for these questions has not been found yet, but one thing isdefinitely clear: the mirror is more than just reflecting glass surface. People, who prefer to spread these photos on social networks, often spend a lot of time picking up a beautiful posture, smile, look, view, and so on. It would seem that there is nothing dangerous, but it is only at first glance. Scientists of the American Institute spent 15 years studying the effects of mirrors on person. Experiments found out using a highly magnetic wave detector showed that the reflecting surface is a kind of energy vampire. Those who spend a significant amount of time in front of a mirror, often feel fatigue, weakness, mood and memory deterioration. It seems incredible, but people with a fondness enjoy themselves, grow old a little faster than those who belong to their reflection more indifferent.

Professors of Oklahoma University suggest a new theory which says: the fact that mirrors can keep information about reflecting in them subjects and even display it for the certain  short period of time, means that they can also retain signals sent by the  magnetic field of the subjects. Of course it sounds improbably but thousands of occasions concerned mirrors which happened today can be good examples. Now, looking in the mirror on your wall, you will probably remember these things and think better - to make a new photo or not.  

P.S Girls! That is why don’t make photos in front of a mirror if you want to stay young for a long time.

© Sahida Kulova

Diana Turgunbaeva

Alina Mambetseitova