103th Anniversary of Çanakkale Victory

    On March 19 an evening of remembrance took place on the occasion of the 103th Anniversary of the Çanakkale Victory and 97th Anniversary of the national anthem of the Republic of Turkey.  The event was attended by the University Rectorate, teaching staff, administrative personnel, and students.

    The event was dedicated to the victims of the Battle of Çanakkale, and started with a one-minute silence and the national anthems of the two countries.

     “This historic battle greatly contributed to the formation of the present-day Turkey. It is not fortuitous that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk referred to the Çanakkale Victory as the formation of our republic,” the University Rector, Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Balci said.

    At the event a play “Çanakkale Geçilemedi” directed by a 4th year student of the Faculty of Arts, Aladdin Zhakhalov, and a 1st year student of the Faculty of Communication, Serhat Akbaş. “Çanakkale Geçilemedi” was performed. The play reflected the hardships of the Turks during the Battle of Çanakkale, the difficult life of women and children, and their anguish. In total, 35 students performed on stage. They had been preparing for about two months. As for the script, it was written by a graduate student of the Faculty of Letters, Ahmet Can Demir.

    Moreover, the members of the Music Club recited some poems, and performed musical pieces.

Prepared by Adinai Kurmanova

Translated by Bermet Kozhoshova