The Game “Kyz-Jigit Sarmerden” Passed

     On April 16 in K. Tynystanov Gathering Hall the game “Kyz-Jigit Sarmerden” was held between the boys of the university and the girls of B. Beishenaliyev Kyrgyz State Culture and Arts University. The event was attended by the Vice-Rector for Educational Work of the abovementioned university, Elmira Turganbayeva, the Students Affairs Office of our university, the Head of the Branch of Students and Graduates Affairs, Kyial Turdakunova, and students.

    At the game between girls and boys the responsibilities of judges were performed by the Head of the Language Development State Center of Bishkek City Government, Elvira Niyazbekova, a senior expert of the institution mentioned, Ainura Sooronbayeva, and a senior lecturer of I. Arabayev Kyrgyz State University, Artur Azhibayev.

   In her opening remarks the Vice-Rector of B. Beishenaliyev Kyrgyz State Culture and Arts University, Elmira Turganbayeva, said: “the Kyrgyz people have always been a nation with educative, valuable, traditions. The game “Kyz-Jigit Sarmerden” is one of the ways of passing on to the next generations the legacy left by our ancestors, and strengthening friendship and harmony”.

    The game “Kyz-Jigit Sarmerden” was accompanied by songs, national dances and tongue-twisters, and riddles.

    By the decision of the judges the game ended in a draw.

    We remind that there has been the game “Kyz-Jigit Sarmerden” between the girls and boys of our university.

Prepared by Nurzat Kazybekova

Translated by Bermet Kozhoshova