Manas AWARDS-2018, the Best of the Year are Determined!

The winners of the second round of  Manas AWARDS-2018 have been awarded prizes. The University Rector, academic and administrative staff and students attended the awards ceremony that had been organized under the supervision of the Students Affairs Office and the Branch of Students and Graduates Affairs.

At the opening of the ceremony the dance ensemble “Modern Dance” performed on stage, then the event continued with a concert.

The awards were handed by the Faculty Deans, General Secretary, Vice-Rector, and the University Rector. The University Rector, Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Balci, said: “I think that everything was fair in the contest for determining the best of the best. This is demonstrated by the number of votes and methods of voting.

Event that became a tradition is held at the highest level every year. I am confident that such an activity will increase the competitiveness of our students, and give them strength and motivation”.

As a result of the contest Manas AWARDS-2018, the following were determined as the best:

1) Sponsor of the Year - the Yiman Spiritual Culture Development Fund

2) Deejay of the Year –Zhoomart Shaidullayev

3) Host of the Year – Adinai Kurmanova

4) Beauty of the Year – Karina Boronova

5) Graduate of the Year – Erkin Ryskulbekov

6) Event of the Year - Orator TIME

7) Mister of the Year – Aibek Temirbekov

8) Athlete of the Year – Imanbek Tentiyev

9) Club of the Year – Personal Growth Club

10) Guest of the Year - Muhammed Kurtoglu

11) Group of the Year (Among the groups of preparatory course) – Group 312, teacher - Levent Doyuran

12) Singer of the Year – Diana Saliyeva

13) Ensemble of the Year – the dance group “Manastyn Kyzdary” The winners were presented with laudatory certificates and gifts.

We note that Manas AWARDS-2018 for determining the best of the year has been held in two rounds. In total, 39 candidates took part in 13 categories. The first round was held on our Facebook page -, where under each nomination students wrote the names of candidates. Candidates with the largest number of mentions passed to the second round. In total, during the second round 4,611 people voted.

Prepared by Adinai Kurmanova

Translated by Bermet Kozhoshova